Pricing for Reading and Healing Sessions

General Psychic Reading Session:

First Shirlet will do her own reading for you, then go over your questions. Shirlet is a real
psychic and will tell you everything that she sees. Shirlet does not hold anything back. These
readings are very detailed.

Shirlet is an informative psychic. This session will cover past, present, and future general
details in your life. You can record this session with Shirlet. This session lasts one hour.

Cost for a general reading is $100.00

Channeling Sessions:

A channeling session starts by Shirlet explaining how spirits work and communicate on our
lower vibrationary plane.  A channeling with Shirlet is when your loved ones or friends who
have passed over appear to Shirlet and talk to her.  They will tell Shirlet their names, many
times how they died, and always what is coming up for you, your family, and your friends.  
Shirlet does not hold any information back, she will tell you everything they say.  Spirits will
tell Shirlet about warnings coming in great detail and who they are for.  Spirits will also tell
Shirlet what is coming up for you like your future with finances, love, or other issues the
spirits want to talk about.

Spirits go into great detail with many of their messages for the living.  These messages can
range in information about love, money, a move, a will, or a warning to prevent an accident,
or health problems.  Shirlet stresses, spirits talk to her freely and will tell names, dates,
locations, and what ever else they feel they need to talk about in your readings.  Remember
these are your own people, your loved ones that are talking.

A channeling session can last from 2-3 hours.  You should record your session with Shirlet.

Cost for a Channeling without Ghost Box  is $300.00 for one person, $200.00 for each
additional person.  If you would like to add the Ghost Box to your Channeling Session the
cost is an additional $100.00 for each person.  Time lasting for this reading will depend on
number of people.

Whole Complete Psychic Reading Sessions:

When you come to Shirlet for a Whole Complete Reading, Shirlet will first start by teaching
you about spirits and how they communicate, what to look for, why they are here, and how
they affect us.  She will also teach you how you can communicate with them.

Next Shirlet will read your aura and chakra fields.  Shirlet has been able to see the energy
fields around all things since she was a child.  She will see illnesses on your field, events that
have damaged your field, and any parasitic spirits who may be attached to your field and
feeding off your aura.  This also shows what you were meant to do in this life, your
accomplishments, and your down falls that are stopping you from being successful.  Shirlet
will then teach you how to cleanse and balance your aura so you can start to regain yourself
and your health.

Shirlet will then proceed to do your channeling session.  A channeling session is when Shirlet
talks to your deceased loved ones and friends who desperately want to talk to you.  Spirits
try to communicate with the living all the time.  In many cases their tries go unnoticed, or
people may know spirits are trying to get their attention but they still can't see them or talk
with them.  Shirlet will do this for you.  Shirlet has saved peoples lives and helped them to
make great changes for the better just by talking to their spirits.  Shirlet will tell you
everything the spirits say to you.  They will tell her their names, sometimes how they died,
and whats going to happen to you.  Spirits also sometimes give warnings for other family
members and friends.  Most deaths and tragedies can be prevented.  This is why spirits try
so hard to get our attention.  They know they can save our lives.

Finally, Shirlet will do a reading for you.  Shirlet's readings cover past, present, and future.  
Her readings go over love, finances, and what is coming up for you in the future.  Shirlet
then gives you 3 questions at the end of your session.  Most clients are shocked from the
information they get from the spirits and reading, and by the end of the session have had all
their questions already answered.  In any case Shirlet asks that you still have some questions

This is a very detailed and complete session. Shirlet advises that you bring a recorder so you
can have all of this session recorded.  This session can last 2 to 4 hours depending on the
number of people.

Cost for a whole session without Ghost Box  is $400.00 for one person, $300.00 for each
additional person, Ghost Box not used. If you would like the Ghost Box added to your Whole
Psychic Reading the cost is an additional $100 for each person.

Group Psychic Reading Sessions:

A group psychic reading is a great way to find out about your love life, finances, and what is
coming up in the future.  When you come as a group to have a general psychic session done,
Shirlet will go into great detail for each client to have a one on one general psychic session
with Shirlet.  These readings can last for hours depending on the size of the group.  
Everybody gets a good reading.

Cost for a group reading is $100.00 per person

Reiki Healing Session:

What to expect from Shirlet;  When someone comes to Shirlet for healing mind, body, and
soul Shirlet asks that you bring a family member with you.  Shirlet is a reiki master and feels
the need to teach her healing to all who come so they can keep healing themselves and
others.  Shirlet starts by teaching about the chakra fields, soul fields and their functions.  
Then Shirlet does a complete aura and shellic scan of the sick person.  Then Shirlet does a
meditation with the person to calm the ill energy field.  Finally Shirlet performs full body
reiki.  Shirlet is very thorough, gentle, and explains her treatment in great detail.  She is a very
good teacher.  A reiki session will last about 2 hours, some may run over.

Cost for reiki healing is $200.00 for 2 hours

Phone Psychic Reading Session:

Shirlet offers this service because she knows not everyone can make it into her office.  A
phone reading will cover any general questions you  may have, such as money, relationships,
whats going on in your life right now and near future, etc.  A phone reading is not a
channeling session.  If you want to do spirit communication with Shirlet, you will need to set
up a channeling session and come into her office.

Shirlet is a real world renowned psychic and is highly sought after for all of her sessions.  
Since Shirlets phone readings are so accurate, please be aware that we get such high volume
of calls and e-mails requesting them that there may be a waiting period for your session with
Shirlet.  When you contact us to set up your phone reading with Shirlet feel free to ask what
the availability is.

Your phone reading with Shirlet will start off by you asking all of your questions.  Please
make sure you have them ready before you call.  If time permits Shirlet will do her own
reading for you at the end of your session.

We do not set up phone reading appointments until payment is received in Shirlet's office.  
For phone readings, Shirlet only accepts post office money orders or Western Union wire
transfers.  We will get back to you when payment is received to set up the exact time and
date for your phone reading.  A recent photo is optional, you can mail or e-mail one in for the
phone session with Shirlet.  Call or e-mail for details on how to set up a phone reading.

Cost for a phone reading is $200 for a hour (Shirlet does her own reading first, then goes
over your questions.) or $100 for a half hour (questions only reading).  Have your questions
ready for Shirlet.(
Post office money order must clear by day of phone reading or new
appointment will be given.

Contact Information


Shirlet's office is located in Pennsylvania about 20 miles from the intersection of interstates
80 and 81.  She is about 20 minuets from the town of Hazleton PA.  Exact directions will be
given upon appointment.


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Pricing and Contact Information
Pricing and Contact Information
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