I have never experienced such an accurate reading.  Shirlet I am so glad I came to your
Irving V
Tannersville, PA

After my session with Shirlet, I feel that I have wasted my time and money on all of those
other psychics.  Shirlet, you are the real deal and I feel like a fool for having gone to anyone
else.  Thank you for opening my eyes.
Lisa M
Wind Gap, PA

Shirlet, you are the greatest!
Keith R
Moosic, PA

I will definitely make a repeat appointment, thank you.
Eleanor W
Elmhurst, PA

Shirlet, I must thank you for pointing me in the right career direction.  I have never looked
back since starting my new job.
Albert K
Cortez, PA

Shirlet is the best psychic I have ever seen!
Carol B
Mount Pocono, PA

My white husky, Diamond, was missing.  I was very frantic.  We live in a wooded area that
is very dense.  She had been gone for 2 days.  My biggest fear was that Diamond was killed
by local hunters or a bear.  Shirlet described that my Diamond was caught in a trap on a near
by gully.  It was an area that we had already searched, but Shirlet insisted that we go back
and look again.  We found Diamond just like Shirlet had told us, and rushed her to a vet.  
The vet said that Diamond would have died, probably within one more day.  Shirlet, thank
you for saving Diamond's life.
Joan P
Bartonsville, PA

Shirlet advised me to take a new direction in business.  My finances had been lagging for a
while.  I was in a real bind.  I went in the direction that Shirlet told me about.  With in a
month I had picked up two major accounts and I am set.  The future looks great, thanks to
Shirlet's help.
Jackie N
Pocono Summit, PA

Shirlet, I am sure that you saved my sons life.  We live alone, his father is gone so my son
takes care of the house maintenance.  In our reading, you warned me of him falling with the
lawnmower and dying.  I could not understand because our yard is flat, there is no steep hill
or cliff nearby.  I did take your advice and check the yard thoroughly before he mowed it.  
Sure enough, there was a soft spot.  We poked at it with a rake for a while and some of the
grass fell through.  Upon getting the neighbors and investigating further.  We found an old
well, five foot square.  It was about thirty feet deep.  We had to hire professionals to fill this
old well in.  Shirlet, if my son had went over that spot the wrong way with our new riding
mower he certainly would have fallen to his death.  Thank you for giving us the warning, it
saved the life of my son James.
Danielle and James
Lancaster, PA

Shirlet, I am shocked by the details and accuracy of your reading.  Thank you for your time!
Jeanne C
Mountain Top, PA

Shirlet saved my floor business!  Thank you so much.
Joey R
Scranton, PA

Shirlet I came to you for a channeling session.  I was totally amazed to be able to talk with
my passed on relatives through you.  This is an experience that I will always remember and
Rose N
Dupont, PA

I have been to many psychics around the country.  None of them are able to do what Shirlet
does.  Shirlet, you are truly gifted.
Nadine T
Luzerne, PA

Shirlet, you were right on.  Thank you for the great reading.
Sammy N
Forest City, PA

My son is young, not able to talk yet.  I was cataloging some of my sea shell collection and
turned my back for a minute.  Somehow one of my prize pieces was gone.  I knew that my
son picked it up and dropped it somewhere.  In my reading with Shirlet, she pointed out
exactly where it was.  Shirlet even described my furniture!  Thank you.
Judith A
Lake Harmony, PA

Shirlet, I am really touched by the reading that you gave me.  I will be setting up another
appointment in the future.
Thomas M
Blakeslee, PA

World renowned psychic medium Shirlet was referred to me by a co-worker.  My
co-worker told me not to talk about my self, because Shirlet does not ask questions, she tells
you.  So I was quiet the whole time Shirlet did all the talking.  She told me, about my job, my
life, and what my dad was going through with his health.  She hit the pin right on the head.  
Shirlet is Real and I am going to highly recommend her to anyone who wants to get a really
great reading.  Thank you Shirlet
Tom L. K.
Philadelphia, PA

Shirlet you were right.  Sue and I love the green house.  We are so glad you seen that house
in our reading.  Now all we need is the white picket fence.  lol
Charlie and Sue
Stroudsburg, PA

Shirlet thank you, with all my heart for helping me find painted lady.  She means everything
to me.  You are the best.
Carol B
Williamsport, PA

Psychic medium Shirlet 2012 predictions  may seem grim, but Shirlet informed me this can
all be changed.  It is up to us to be positive.  Anyway thank you Shirlet for giving me such
an amazing phone reading.  I will be calling you back.  Thank you for explaining things.
Mount Pocono, PA

Psychic Medium Shirlet was in Carbondale investigating a haunting.  I heard about it through
a family that knows the people with the haunted house.  I got Shirlet's number from her and
got in to see her for an appointment.  I just want to say that Shirlet is everything that people
say she is.  TOTALLY  AMAZING!!!  I am so glad I ran into her that day.  Shirlet changed
my life.
Parker and Sarah
Carbondale PA
Pennsylvania Testimonials
Pennsylvania Testimonials
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