Pennsylvania.  From here on all of my PA clients testimonials will be in this section.  I have
hundreds of these so keep checking if you don't see yours posted yet.  Shirlet

Shirlet saved my sons life!
Sandra K

I came for a reading with Shirlet and brought my mother.  Shirlet noticed a problem in her
heart.  I took my mother to the hospital right away.  Shirlet was right.  She saved my
mothers life.
Thank you Shirlet!!!!
Kim E

I never met my dad.  He died in Vietnam.  During my reading with Shirlet he came through
to talk to me and told Shirlet details about what my brother and mother was going through.  
Shirlet even knew their names and age of my father and how he died.  I was totally over
Dave M

WOW I was so happy we all came to see you Shirlet.  I will be honest I didn't think I would
get much from your group session on the spirits.  But I just want to say thank you so much,
you took so much time with us and you are the best spiritual teacher anyone could ever
have.  You have changed our lives forever.  You opened our eyes big time.  I am so shocked
we even got to meet someone like you.  And as far as psychic abilities go, Tom will never be
the same.  You sure changed his mind.  After all the psychics he went to you are by far the
only real one.
Love ya Shirlet
Chris, Tom, and Sue

Let's just say Shirlet is real alright.  I will not get into my reading but she changed my life.  
Shirlet was right.  You are AWESOME!!
Greg M
Clarks Summit  PA

Shirlet is Real.  Shirlet told me names, dates, all were right.  Shirlet knew my health
problems.  I have see many psychics in my area, Shirlet was the only one who knew my
life.  I will be going to Shirlet again and I'm making appointments for my family to go.
Linda R
Bloomsburg PA

Shirlet warned me not to take my laptop and some other valuables on a business trip.  I was
reluctant but I left them behind.  Shirlet was so Right.  Some of my associates who went on
the trip with me had their luggage stolen.  Shirlet you saved me a lot of money and
heartache.  Thank you so much.
Patricia L
Carlisle PA

Shirlet is a real psychic alright!  I travel a lot with my job.  I go all over the USA.  Shirlet let
me know about a problem that was coming up with my car that could take my life.  We
found it.  Shirlet was so right on, also Shirlet channeled my brother who has been gone a
couple of years now.  She knew his name, she could see him and she described him to me
and Shirlet knew our lives,  I mean she knew!  Shirlet is so worth the time, and I have been
to other psychics that charged a lot of money and gave me a lot of nothing.  Shirlet is so
real, you are worth way more, Shirlet.
Jim S
Longpond PA

Shirlet warned me about our family trip to the beach.  We had so much money into the trip
and I couldn't bring myself to pay all the cancellation fees.  Boy do I wish we had listened.  
Shirlet saw our truck under water.  I didn't take her seriously.  Well a freak storm blew up
our way there.  Our truck was swamped by water in a low lying area, we had to be
rescued.  That was the helicopter ride Shirlet was seeing.  Shirlet said our truck would be
full of muddy water.  IT WAS!!!  Shirlet said when the waters come call 911 fast.  That we
did.  We are so lucky to be alive.  Shirlet you saved our lives, next time I'm listening.
Richard S
Tremont PA

My pet ferret had been missing for 2 days.  She some how slipped out the door when we
were carrying groceries inside.  We had given up all hope on ever seeing Mazzie again.  My
mother went to see Shirlet about how to find Mazzie, and if she was still alive.  Shirlet told
her Mazzie was hiding in the old planter pot by the garage.  Because Mazzie was afraid of the
cats in the area.  We looked and Shirlet was right.  Thank you so much Shirlet, Mazzie loves
Steven M
Hazleton PA

I myself am a psychic, I have a small group of psychics who do readings with me at some
shows.  And for the most part I felt pretty good about our abilities.  We love to go see other
psychics, not that we can't read ourselves, its just fun to see how others read.  We have
heard about Shirlet many times, and we came to check her out.  The woman is shocking.  
Her gifts are way more developed then any other psychic we have ever went to and I have
been to quite a lot of them all over the USA.  Shirlet is far more gifted then we are. I don't lie
to anyone I can not see spirits all over roads, but Shirlet can.  Shirlet gave real names, whole
complete, first and last, deaths, times, we were shocked.  Credit needs to be given where
credit is due.  Shirlet is a super psychic big time.  Shirlet you are what you say and a lot
Pocono Psychics

I just wanted to say to all these people who are close minded and don't believe in psychics
for what ever reason.  You have not seen Shirlet in action.  I went to Shirlet with my son
who didn't believe in anything.  Shirlet warned him about getting shot soon and she knew the
day, time, and street.  Well he didn't hang out with his friends that night and Shirlet was so
on the money.  One kid was shot, the same place and time that Shirlet saw, and my son
would have been on that same street.  You are a blessing.  Shirlet you saved my sons life.
Wilks-Barre PA

Shirlet is the nicest and most giving person I've ever met, and her psychic abilities are the
WOW factor!
Steller P
Glen Rock PA

Found the Cat, Gave him the bath, got the scratches you saw and the landlord showed up.  
You saw it all Shirlet, I'm sure you know I'd be writing this to you!
Scranton PA.

I went to Shirlet to see how we were going to do in a fishing tournament.  My fishing
partner told me psychics are false. He said I shouldn't waste my time or money and we had
top of the line fishing equipment.  I went anyway without telling him.  Shirlet said to go near
a barren looking spot with a branch sticking out of the water.  She said our fish locater
would say there was nothing there but we shouldn't listen.  We got on the lake and it was a
long hot day and very little was caught.  I saw the spot Shirlet was talking about.  We
buzzed by the spot slowly and checked it out.  Nothing registered like Shirlet said it
wouldn't.  My partner said this spot is dead let's move on.  I made him stop.  Lets just say
Shirlet was right and I caught a trophy fish at that very spot, and some nice cash to go along
with it.  My partner was dumbstruck, Shirlet he is making an appointment!  You are very
Carl M
Honesdale PA

Shirlet, you are the world's top psychic.
Roger A
Pocono Manor, PA

I would like to say that Shirlet saved my bakery.  She told me to check one of the
thermostats.  It was going to fail and burn down my building.  I checked all of them and
sure enough, one of the parts was failing.  Shirlet, thank you for averting a disaster for me
with your incredible psychic ability.
Joe W
Scranton, PA

Shirlet, there should be a monument made for you.
John F
Pocono Lake, PA

Shirlet, I feel lucky to have my reading done by you.  You are incredibly accurate.
Nancy L
Brodheadsville, PA

I never knew a real, world famous psychic lived in our area.  Until I was referred to Shirlet.  
I am so glad I found out about her!
Terry M
Skytop, PA

I highly recommend Shirlet to anyone who is looking for true visions.
Kien W
Kingstone, PA
Pennsylvania Testimonials
Pennsylvania Testimonials
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