Got Haunted Items?

Not only are homes, land, and people haunted.  Spirits can attach themselves to a physical object
for many different reasons.  The object may be something they valued highly in life.  They may
attach themselves to a weapon because of murder or revenge.  Spirits can attach themselves to
objects they really loved in life such as a doll, teddy bear, a car, or jewelry.  Any strong emotional
reason can cause someone to bond an attachment to the object after death.

It is always a good idea to cleanse used or antique items before wearing them or bringing them into
your home.  An emotionally charged item with a spirit attached to it can cause the new owner to
have the same hardships and illnesses as the spirit haunting the object.

When bringing a haunted object or picture of one to Shirlet for a psychic reading on the object.  
Shirlet will scan the objects energy field because Shirlet can see the aura around things.  Then
Shirlet will communicate with the haunting spirit or spirits attached to the object.  Shirlet will then
educate the new owner on how to cleanse the item and deal with the attached spirits on the item.

A psychic reading on haunted objects can last up to an hour.

Cost for a haunted object reading is $100.00
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