Child of Light

Shirlet is a world-renowned psychic and reiki
master.  Shirlet is one of the top psychics in
the world.  She was born with the gifts to see
illnesses in people's bodies, she can clearly see
the aura, and spirits, entities, deities, demons,
astral beings, sub dimensional beings, and
others she will not try to guess their origins
because she will not disrespect them.  She has
been able to see these beings as clears as you
see another person.

Since she was born, her mother could always
find her at the cemetery playing with the
children who in Shirlet's mind were alive.  
When she started school things were good for
a while.  When she was arguing with teachers
over history matters, Shirlet always said they
have most of it wrong.  The spirits have
shown her what they really were and how life
really was. She still says they are the real
Shirlet was doing fine until one day in third grade when she noticed a man following her home room
teacher around.  Shirlet knew this was a man who had passed over.  When she asked him what he
wanted, the man told her he had come for her teacher, and that he was the teacher's deceased father.
Shirlet tried to warn her teacher about this, even followed her to her car begging her not to go, but the
teacher just told Shirlet to go to the bus and wait for her ride, that she would be fine.  That afternoon
her teacher was killed in a car crash, never making it home that day.  This traumatized Shirlet so she
didn't want to go back to school.  

She felt like a freak and blamed herself for not being able to stop her teacher from getting into that car.  
That's when word spread of Shirlet's incredible gifts.  People soon came to her home to ask her mother
if they could ask Shirlet about a deceased loved one, or a missing person.

At first her mother did not allow it but when Shirlet got the attention of a monastery and a reiki master
who began to visit her and her family.  They called her a child of light instead of freak. This made
Shirlet want to try to work with the fact that she was so different.

She began diagnosing people who were sick with incredible accuracy and working with families to help
them communicate with those who they had lost on the other side. Shirlet always warns, "They do not
like to be called dead" they are not. They have only passed on into one or both spiritual forms that are
possible."Shirlet started working with people at the age of 11. She never had to fine tune or work with
her abilities because they come naturally; spirits love to speak with her and flock to her.  Many spirits
say they have waited a long time for someone like Shirlet who has these abilities to talk to their loved
ones because no one else can hear them.  

Shirlet has been doing readings for over 20 years and has clients who fly in to see her from all over the
world.  Up until recently this was all by word of mouth.  Although  Shirlet has never needed to
advertise, at the urging of so many clients and spirits, for the sake of people who would not otherwise
meet her but desperately need help that only she could give, thus this website was created.
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