Psychic, Medium, and Spiritual Teacher

Shirlet, psychic medium and oracle, uses her amazing abilities to help guide people on their life journey. Her uncanny gifts allow her to see and hear spirits, soul guides and other dimensional beings, of which she has done since she was a child. Furthermore, Shirlet is skilled at reading auras with incredible accuracy. These "blueprints" tell her what is happening in a person's life, and what is their chosen path that they are meant to take.

In California, Shirlet attracted the attention of a Buddhist monastery at a young age. The monks considered her a child of light, and encouraged the use of her abilities. She never had to fine tune or work with her abilities because they came naturally. She began diagnosing people, who were sick, with unbelievable precision. Also, worked with families to help them communicate with those who they had lost on the other side.

Referred to as an oracle and spiritual teacher by her unearthly partners she channels spirits in a conversational manner. She openly communicates with them, irrespective of their vibrational level or dimension of origin. The spirits love to speak with Shirlet, and are drawn to her. Many, on the other side, have told her they've waited for someone with her ability to communicate to their loved ones, because most people cannot hear them. It is a common belief that when someone leaves the human shell that they are dead. Shirlet always teaches, "They do not like to be called dead: because they are not. They have only passed on to one of the spiritual forms that are possible." This is why we are still able to communicate with them.

Now in the rural mountains of Pennsylvania Shirlet retains a select psychic medium/oracle practice. She works out of her office, providing psychic readings to those who travel to see her. Her primary clientele, comes from the surrounding areas of Pennsylvania, New York, and New Jersey. Still clients, from all over the world, fly in for appointments. People from Germany, Ukraine, India, China, Australia, and many other countries, have found their way to Shirlets office. Still, their are those who are unable to travel, so she also offers phone psychic readings for those clients.

Currently, Shirlet is working with Bud Megargee is a former senior healthcare executive; a Washington, DC healthcare lobbyist; and an independently published award-winning author, on a continuing book series. Shirlet channels Bud's soul guides, beings on the other side who help direct his life path. Starting with "Dirt, TRUTH, Music, and Bungee Cords" you can observe the start of this journey. Following this is "Soul Sins, and Regrettable Lies" which uncovers parts of the human existence which most would rather sweep under the rug. Next is "Soul Mechanics - Unlocking the Human Warrior" looks into some of the most complicated questions in life - "Do I have soul energy? What is the purpose and my connection to it? And what becomes of that energy when I pass?" The newest book "Soul Imprints - The Legacy of Existence" tells about the imprinting of human energy, how it affects us, and the benifits of becoming alert to the inner workings of this energy.

"I've been going to Shirlet for years, and every session is better then the last. She is my "secret weapon" against lifes mishaps. The trip is always worth it and my little Buster wouldn't be alive if it wasn't for a warning she gave me. Love Ya Shirlet. — Makayla Tyler, New York

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Testimonials from Clients

"Shirlet doesn't just do your reading, she zeros in on the things you need to hear that are going to help you the most with what is going on in your life. I've been to her for 2 general readings and a channeling session and its worth making the trip. She makes sure your educated about the spirit world and why spirits are hanging around. I consider it to not just be a reading but advise that I take seriously and have not regretted it." — Jackie Scala

"Shirlet has done so many things for me that saying thank you does not seem to be enough . After doing my first reading I left there amazed at everything she told me . I made an appointment for my husband and to be very honest she saved his life . She saw an accident the extract condition. The exact mile marker .since he drives for a living when that trip came he declined the run and yes there was a major multi car pile up and yes had he gone he would have been in the middle of it . She is extremely helpful and there is no way she could have known the things she did if she were not so gifted as many things were absolutely 100 percent correct and 100 percent secrets ! Truly a wonderful and gifted person I will always be grateful to . Word would never express how grateful I am to have met her and done readings many times over the years ! Anyone thinking of doing a reading with her will never be sorry as she is the real and best psychic I have ever been to ! I highly recommend her !" — Sue Edwards

"We had come to you right after our miscarriage. You soothed our souls by telling us the baby was safe. You also put the next few years right in line for us, so much so that it scared me how our lives played out the next 2 years. Keep thinking I'm ready for another are awesome at what you do." — Jenn Marks

" I have been to all kinds of physics, readers but Shirlet is by the best." — Paula Kotarsky

"Several years ago I kept getting the feeling someone was pushing me to talk to someone who could communicate with people on the other side. I started searching online. I had no idea where to start really. How do you find a real oracle? How will I know if I find that person? Will I be able to even afford to see someone with that gift? SO many questions!! I searched till I was tired and frustrated. For some reason, I kept searching. Then....I found Shirlet!! I really don't think it was by chance. I say that because of all of the readings I have had done by Shirlet. So nice she is fairly close to me! I remember that first time very well. I was nervous and excited all at the same time about meeting Shirlet. Upon my arrival, I was greeted by Shirlet and immediately felt like old friends. She made me feel so at ease. The first question she asked me let me know, she knew something. She asked me what had brought me to her. That made me smile because...I only knew I felt pushed for someone to help me. Almost like I was literally being shoved!! Well...after just a few minutes, I knew this lovely woman knew her stuff!!

She told me things NO ONE knew but me. She told me so many things I would love to share but would be too much here. She not only gave me an awesome channeling, but she also gave me a lot to think about. Plus...she gets my humor and she is so fun to just chat with. I have taken my family and several friends to see her. They were all amazed and had great readings.

Now I return to see Shirlet as often as I need to, thanks to her for keeping it affordable for folks like me who can't afford $1000 readings. I can't say enough good things about Shirlet. She feels like a sister to me now but she is always very professional. Thanks for everything you have done for me. Your guidance is always taken seriously. I love you like family Shirlet. I would recommend Shirlet to anyone who really needs help. She's the real deal." — Cathy Elliott

Psychic Reading Sessions

Below is a list of the available psychic reading sessions Shirlet has to offer. Gift certificates are available for all readings. You must be 18 years or older to have a psychic reading with Shirlet. Anyone under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent to receive a psychic reading. When contacting Shirlet for an appointment, either by phone or e-mail, try to have your session picked out first to speed up the scheduling process. If you are scheduling a channeling session, more information on the ghost box is available in the ghost box section. Also, make sure you have read the disclaimer and my pet peeves sections before making your appointment. To read these sections please click the buttons below.

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What is the Ghost Box?

The Ghost Box is a radio that's been altered to receive messages from spirits. It quickly scans channels, generating white noise to be drained by nearby spirits. This allows them to manipulate the white noise into audible sounds, to form words. At the same time, the spirits drain other sources of energy such as electrical wiring, the earths electromagnetic field, and other electrical sources. This is to gain enough energy to form complete sentences.

The Ghost Box is a great way to communicate with spirits. It has become increasingly popular in the field of paranormal research. The Ghost Box is prominently seen on most ghost hunting TV shows, all over the internet, and on YouTube. As a psychic medium, in my opinion, it is a great gift to be able to have spirits talk directly to the clients. Especially, when a client recognizes that the voice is one of their loved ones.

The Ghost Box has been extremely accurate and helpful for my clients. Giving life altering information to many of them. Also, it has helped a lot of my clients with closure. By being able to talk directly with their loved ones who have passed on to the other side. The Ghost Box has also helped me with solving missing persons cases: at the request of my clients.

I want to make it clear that there are a lot of spirits around us at all times. Any spirit can come through, on the ghost box, and say anything to you. Some will tell the truth and want to help you, while others will lie. Also, the energy of the people using the ghost box is a huge influence. The bottom line is, there is no guarantee that any spirit will tell you the truth through any ghost box. Just like when they were alive, people can tell you the truth or lie to you of their own free will. It has been my experience, as a psychic medium, people do not change when they pass over to the other side: unless they want to. If they were a deceiver in the living they still can be a deceiver in death. On the flip side though, the Ghost Box can be very accurate, and sometimes shocking in details. I have had amazing readings with the Ghost Box, for families and cases I work on, where the information was dead on.

The Bad Points of My Ghost Box. It sometimes can be very hard to understand and hear what spirits are saying. Many times spirits will all talk at once: making it really hard to understand what they are talking about. There is no guarantee what spirits will talk to you, or if any will talk to you, at all, on my ghost box. I can not control what spirits say to you on my ghost box, or if they say anything at all. There have been days I have had amazing communication over my ghost box, and days I have had no communication at all. The ghost box can be fun to listen to with an open mind. I do not charge any additional fees for clients to listen to my ghost box in the sessions that it is offered in.



1.) Death
2.) Accidents vehicle or otherwise
3.) Injury to any property, humans, or animals
4.) Illness of any kind
5.) Hauntings of any kind
6.) Money, property, or information loss of any kind
7.) Loss of relationships of any kind
8.) Worldly events
9.) Weather
10.) Fear (your own or otherwise) Please do not come to Shirlet if you are afraid of the spirit world, or afraid of what you will hear.

1.) DO NOT COME TO ME IF THERE WILL BE ANY ISSUES WITH YOUR RELIGIOUS BELIEF SYSTEM. Not only will it greatly affect and ruin my reading for you, it is a waste of your time and mine.

2.) Under no circumstance, will Shirlet withhold any information given by spirits that could save your life, save the lives of others, could inform you of illness, or any other information.

3.) Shirlet will NOT be held responsible for any emotional, physical, psychological, or spiritual problems that happen before, during, or after any of her services. Shirlet will not be held responsible for any vehicle accidents, death, or any other accidents that happen before, during, or after any her services. Shirlet will not be held responsible for loss of money and\or property before, during, or after any of Shirlet's services.  Shirlet advises to only have a session with her if you can handle being in contact with spirits and whatever they may say or things that make occur before, during, or after your session with Shirlet.  Again if you are worried about your reading or what will transform because of it please do not come to Shirlet.

4.) Shirlet is NOT responsible for anyone the spirits want you to talk to, warn, or give advice to.  Shirlet only tells you what the spirits tell her.  The spirits always make clear to Shirlet that all warnings, or any messages given by the spirit world, are on the person or persons having the psychic reading. Some spirits want to help save lives and warnings are given because the event they are warning about is preventable.

5.) Shirlet is NOT responsible to make spirits communicate with you. Do not come to Shirlet if you want to talk to only one spirit on the other side. When Shirlet channels spirits, she cannot make a spirit come through and talk to you. Sometimes spirits have moved on, reincarnated, or may have a feud with the family and not wish to communicate.  Most of the time, but not all the time, the spirit you want to communicate with will come through but with a lot of others. Shirlet cannot force spirits to talk or dictate what they will say. Shirlet is a psychic medium and will tell you everything she hears them say to you.  Shirlet is also not responsible for the communication through the ghost box.  Many times spirits will come through very clearly and talk to you, but some times there will be so many spirits talking you can barely hear what they are saying. Also, there are times you will here a lot of the white noise and only a few spirits will come through. Again Shirlet cannot make spirits talk to you.  The ghost box has helped Shirlet solve crimes and save peoples lives, but this is not always the case.  Spirits communicate when they want to not when they are told.  Spirits can and do lie, just like the living.

6.) Shirlet is NOT a doctor or any type of licenced physician. Shirlet advises no one on medication, from a doctor, should ever stop taking their medication without the doctor helping them to wean off of the medication first.  To just quit medication can cause stroke, heart attacks, sever illness, or death. Always talk with your doctor before having any other treatment that could affect you on a serious medical level. Shirlet advises all people should heal mind, body, and soul.

7.) Shirlet will NOT do any services for anyone under the age of 18 without a parent present.

8.) Shirlet will NOT do any type of meta-physical reading or teaching for anyone under the influence of street drugs or alcohol, because this can lead to spiritual possession.

9.) Shirlet reserves the right to stop a psychic reading at any time, and to refuse appointments for any or no reason.

10.) Shirlet does not do psychic readings for everyone who calls, or e-mails. Shirlet is one person who is a psychic, and needs people to know how physically draining a psychic reading can be. Shirlet gets many e-mails and calls a day, sometimes from all over the world. If one of Shirlet's office staff calls you or e-mails you, you are very lucky to get in to see her. Sorry Shirlet will not call everyone back or e-mail everyone for a reading.

11.) Shirlet is NOT an attorney, accountant, financial advisor, or doctor. Any advice given by Shirlet is not to be used by you in place of any legal, financial, tax, or medical advice or diagnosis from a qualified and licensed professional in any field. Shirlet's advice cannot replace diagnosis or advice from qualified and licensed professionals in any fields. Shirlet's readings are to offer insight into your personal life and does not in any way constitute legal, financial, tax, or medical advice.  Shirlet will not be held liable for any damages resulting from the use of this website or as a result of any appointments with Shirlet. Shirlet is not responsible for any events, actions, or decisions that you or any other person may make as a result of any communication and\or any session with Shirlet.  Shirlet is not responsible for what anybody says, or any third party information about her.

12.) Shirlet is NOT responsible, without limitation, for any damages actual, incidental, and/or consequential resulting from any claims resulting from any act or omissions, negligence, fraudulent misrepresentation or otherwise including without limitations, loss of income, death, personal injury, stress emotional or otherwise, omissions, errors, or otherwise.


My Pet Peeves


2.) DO NOT COME FOR A CHANNELING SESSION WITH PEOPLE YOU ARE NOT RELATED TO. If you bring some one you are not related to their is a chance spirits will talk to that person, or come threw for that person and no one else. I can not make spirits communicate with anyone, but you have a better chance coming with relatives. There is no guarantee of what spirits will show up and/or talk to me during a channeling session.

3.) DO NOT MAKE AN APPOINTMENT FOR A CHANNELING SESSION WITH ME IF YOU ONLY WANT TO TALK TO THE SPIRIT OF ONE PERSON! There is no guarantee what spirits wills show up, and/or talk to me during a channeling session.

4.) DO NOT COME TO ME IF THERE WILL BE ANY ISSUES WITH YOUR RELIGIOUS BELIEF SYSTEM. Not only will it greatly affect and ruin my reading with you, it is a waste of your time and mine.

5.) DO NOT bring anyone to me for a reading, or along with you to sit in on a reading who does not believe in what I do, or has conflicting religious beliefs. It will negatively affect your reading, and anyone else involved who is here for a reading. This is a waste of my time and your money. When someone does not believe in something they automatically put up energy walls that lower the frequency and its vibration, making it impossible for me to connect to and communicate with spirits in your reading.

6.) DON'T COME to me for a sessions dealing with spirits if you are afraid of them, or afraid of what they might say to you. DON'T BRING anyone with you that is afraid of spirits or what they might say. This will ruin my communication with them.

7.) If you are planning on leaving a relationship and want to use your appointment with me as an excuse to go through with it, DON'T COME TO ME FOR AN APPOINTMENT! I am not your scapegoat.

8.) Don't come to play games. If you don't need my help or want to get answers to better your life, I WILL THROW YOU OUT!  I don't waste time on those who don't deserve my gifts and help. I AM NOT GOD, I AM NOT PERFECT, OR ALWAYS RIGHT. BUT I WILL DO MY BEST TO HELP YOU WITH WHAT I SEE IN YOUR READING.

9.) If you do not trust in me to help you please go to another psychic who you will feel more comfortable with.  It is very important that you are comfortable with the psychic you choose.  A psychic reading can point you in the right direction, be life changing for the better, or even save your life.  If you go to a psychic you do not have good energy with, you are wasting your time and the psychics time as well. I am not God! I am not all knowing! I have good days and bad days like everyone else on our planet, but I will go out of my way to give you the best reading that I can.

10.) If you think you are more psychic than I am, don't come to me.  It is a waste of your time and money!!!

11.) Don't come for religious conversions. I am not changing my religion and you are not changing yours. So don't bother asking.

12.) What ever psychic reading you want and pay for I will be glad to do. However do not try to schedule one type of reading and think that you can con me into doing the more detailed, longer, and more expensive reading. A general reading is not a complete channeling session. Read my website to know what you truly want before you call to make your appointment.

13.) If you are afraid to hear the truth, facts, or what spirits might say, do not come to me. I feel people who hold vital information that could save someone's life is not a healer. I try to tell everything I see and hear spirits say to me about you. That is the only way I can help you. I am tired of people saying, "If you are a psychic that tells everything, it must be a scare tactic". Telling someone the truth to save their life or better their life is not a scare tactic.

14.) Don't e-mail me questions unless you have made an appointment with one of my secretaries and paid for it. I don't see my e-mails unless I am doing the reading for them. I get way to many to answer myself. My secretaries do all the phone and e-mail work. I DO NOT DO FREE READINGS!!!!!

The Total Package

This psychic reading session has some of Shirlet's best sessions combined together for one amazing night. It consist of the Channeling Session, and the Aura Reading. You can add a General Psychic Reading to this session for and extra $100. For more information please click the button below.

The Total Package Reading

This reading is for the person who really wants to know what their next move in live may be. This could be career, knowledge, or love. Also this reading is for the person who wants to know what spirits are watching over them and around them. Also you may want to know about loved ones, family, and what is coming up for them. With this reading Shirlet will explain to you in detail about the spirit world, why they are here on this planet. Then Shirlet will do a channeling session please read channeling session for more information. Then Shirlet will explain in detail about your Aura and Chakra field, what they are, and how they work. Then Shirlet will read your Aura, explaining what the colors mean for you on your aura. Please see Aura Readings for more information. If you would like to add a general reading session to your total package reading the cost is an additional $100,00 and will add additional time to your session. See General Reading for more details.

A Total Package Reading is $500.00 per person this reading can last 2 to 3 hours. The Total Package Reading is a $100.00 savings compared to if you scheduled the channeling and aura readings separately

No Refunds!!!

For Entertainment Purposes Only

Self-Knowledge Reading

This psychic reading session is about self discovery. Knowing thy self not only from the past, but from within as well. It contains both the past life reading session, and the aura reading. You can add a General Psychic Reading to this session for and extra $100. For more information please click the button below.

Self-Knowledge Reading

This reading is for the person who really is looking to know more about themselves. If you're feeling like you are between lifetimes, like you were born in the wrong century, or if you feel like you are going down the wrong road in life this reading may really help you. Many times we want to know who we were in a past life and how that life could be effecting this one now. Sometimes just having some knowledge of who you may have been can help change the road you are on now. Many times we ask ourselves "Why is this happening to me?"

When Shirlet does your self-knowledge reading for you, Shirlet will start off by looking into three past lives for you. Many times the most important or traumatic past lives will be the ones that imprint the strongest on your soul. And these are the ones that will stand out to Shirlet to read for you.

I cannot guarantee the accuracy of past events that I see. I am not God! I am not all-knowing! I have good and bad days. Even historians argue over the veracity of historical accounts. However I have had a lot of good feedback from these sessions. Many clients have told me, that my past life readings have helped them. If you come to me for this reading, I will tell you everything I see, and try to help you the best I can.

Then Shirlet will do your Aura reading. Please see Aura Reading for more information.

No Refunds!!!

For Entertainment Purposes Only

Aura Reading


This psychic reading session is all about you and your life journey. Shirlet has always seen the aura (soul) as a wheel of colored lights spinning around all living things. Shirlet will start your aura reading by explaining all the colors of your aura, that she sees with her mind's eye, and what she feels they mean for you. Next, Shirlet will read your main 7 chakras and explain in detail what she feels and sees for you. You can add a General Psychic Reading to this session for and extra $100. For more information please click the button below.

Aura Reading

Shirlet was born with the rare ability to see the aura in her minds eye. The aura is another name for the soul. The soul is who you truly are, the real you who reincarnates from lifetime to lifetime to spiritually develop. Shirlet has always seen the soul as an energy field that spins around all living things. The human aura reminds Shirlet of multiple wheels of colors spinning around the human shell. Each color on the wheel can indicate something about you. The colors can determine what is going to happen in your love, finance, health or mental state, or what is happening to you now or has happened in the past. Also the colors around you can show roads to make your journey on this planet easier. The Soul records your life and events, also illness, and often problems that have stressed you in your life. When Shirlet reads your aura, she will also read your chakra centers. These are the main seven centers of your aura wheel. In my opinion this is the best reading I offer that focuses mostly on you and your life's journey. This reading can last up to two hours.

If you would like to add a general reading session the cost is $100.00 extra and can take up to one additional hour. Cost for a Aura reading is $300.00 per person.

No Refunds!!!

For Entertainment Purposes Only

Channeling Session


This is a great psychic reading to see what sprits are around you, what they may show Shirlet, and what they may tell her. You can add a General Psychic Reading to this session for and extra $100. For more information please click the button below.

Channeling Session

Do not come for a channeling session looking for one specific person.

If you do you may be really disappointed. The spirit world does not work that way. People usually have many spirits around them, or attached to them. You may know some of the spirits around you, and you may not know some of the spirits around you. This can be for many different reasons. Reason 1 they followed you from somewhere. You many have reminded them of someone they had known when they were alive. Reason 2 where you live, either the building you live in or the land it is on will often have spirits haunting these areas and will follow the person living there or attach to them. Reason 3 what you own, an object does not have to be old to be haunted. A spirit can attach to objects for many different reasons. Reason 4 spirits can attach to family lines even if you don't know anything about your family. Many times spirits from war can be haunting a family all the way down the family tree. Also along with many other reasons they may be haunting the family. Many times spirits will be around a person because they want to protect them and they love and care about them. Bottom line people have multitudes of spirits around them most of the time for positive and negative reasons. You many know some of the spirits that are around you, and you may not know most or all of them. In my experience there is no way to control this. Also I cannot control what spirits communicate during your channeling session. A channeling session is a good session to have done if you would just like to know who or what is around you.

A channeling session starts by Shirlet explaining how spirits work and communicate. Many will tell Shirlet their names, many times how they died, and sometimes things that are coming up for you, your family, and your friends. Shirlet does not hold any information back, she will tell you everything they say. Sometimes spirits will tell Shirlet about warnings coming and who they are for. There is never any guarantee the spirit or spirits you wish to talk to will come through. Some spirits want to communicate and some don't, there are many factors and circumstances that effects spirit communication.

Usually these are your own people, your loved ones, family, or friends that are talking, but Shirlet has no control over what spirits talk, or for how long. Also many times clients will have tag-a-long spirits with them. These are spirits who have decided to attach to someone for varied reasons of their own, usually from places people work, live, or have traveled through.

The cost for a Channeling Session is $300.00 for one person. You can have up to two relatives sit in for support if you would like at no extra charge, (Do not push pull or drag anyone here for this session who does not want to be part of it, or who is sceptical for there attitude and energy will ruin your session.) If you or anyone you bring would like to add a general reading at the end of your channeling session, the cost will be an additional $100 per person. This also will add addition time to your session. Please let us know when you set up your appointment. If you bring anyone into a channeling session that is not a relative this can greatly effect your channeling session. Sometimes spirits will come through for the person who is not your relative, and you may not get any communication at all. I cannot control what spirits say, which one show up, or how long they communicate with you. Don't come for a channeling with me if you only want to talk to one specific person, I maybe able to get them through I cannot guarantee it. Many times with channelings many spirits will come through. You do not have to know them, they can be family members that died a long time ago before you were born. They can be family friends or neighbors. They can be people who have died in your area or anywhere you have been. Also spirits can come through who are haunting your home or the land it sits on. Many times spirits will come through who you know or who loves you, especially if they have a message for you. Also animal spirits may come through in a channeling sessions as well. A channeling session last up to two hours.

No Refunds!!!

For Entertainment Purposes Only

General & Spirit Reading


This psychic reading session is for the person who would like to ask about a certain spirit who has passed. This is a very good session to see if the spirit(s) you are asking about are ok. (This is not a channeling session)For more information please click the button below.

General & Spirit Reading

A general & spirit reading is a good reading if you would like to know about general details of your life, such as; money, love, health, family, or just what is coming up for you. Please read General Reading for more information.

The spirit part of this general & spirit reading is for someone who needs to ask about a loved one who has passed, a haunting going on in their home, or sometimes just to see what is around them. This is not a channeling session. When you come for the general and spirit session, Shirlet will do your general reading first. Then following your general reading, Shirlet will do your spirit reading. You can ask about any spirit you want to, but Shirlet cannot guarantee any information about any specific spirit. Many times, when Shirlet does these readings, she can see some information about the loved one you are asking about. But, sometimes, other spirits will make themselves known that are around you.

Cost for a general & spirit reading is $200.00. A general & spirit reading lasts up to two hours. For groups a general & spirit reading session is $200.00 per person.

No Refunds!!!

For Entertainment Purposes Only

Present & Future Reading


This psychic reading session is for the person who is looking for information on current events in their life and a glimpse of whats to come in the future. For more information please click the button below.

Present & Future Reading

Sometimes life can get very hectic and you may wonder what your future holds for you, and if the circumstances you are in now are going to get any better. This reading is good for those who are looking to see if things in their life are going to change, and how it may affect their future.

Shirlet will start off by doing a general session to see what is going on now. Finances, love, health, and/or family can come up in this session. Then Shirlet will look into the future, to see what is comming up for you.

The cost for a Present & Future Reading session is $200 and can last up to two hours.

No Refunds!!!

For Entertainment Purposes Only

Couples Psychic Reading


This psychic reading session is a pair of readings for couples. This goes over the basics and how they affect each of you. For more information please click the button below.

Couples Psychic Reading


I am not a psychologist, counselor, or a therapist and I have no medical degrees. I am a psychic medium.

A couples reading is a good reading for couples who need answers on their lives together, or events that are happening to both of them. It could be their finances, love life together, health, or any pressing problems they may be having. Some couples come to me because they want to see their lives in the future together, or to see if the financial path they are taking is the right choices, and how they may turn out. Another reason couples come to me is to ask for a third opinion, some times this can come from the spirits around them. I highly suggest if you are going through a really hard time please see a counselor. If you just want to know whats coming up for you as a couple, then a psychic reading could help.

Cost for a couples reading is $200.00 this reading can last up to 2 hours.

No Refunds!!!

For Entertainment Purposes Only

Soulmate Love Reading


This psychic reading session deals with love. For more information please click the button below.

Soulmate Love Reading

The spirits taught me that a soulmate is someone who you have been with in another lifetime. A person can have many soulmates depending on how many lives they have lived on this planet, in this dimension. A soulmate reading is a good reading to ask about a love you have lost, or you are with, or to ask about upcoming possibilities of new love. Spirits do not tell me the name of your soulmates or their locations or the exact time frames. This is a reading to look at different avenues for love.

Cost for a soulmate reading is $100.00. A soulmate reading last up to one hour. For groups a soulmate reading session is $100.00 per person. If you would like to add a general session to your soulmate reading the cost will be $200.00 and this combined session last up to two hours.

No Refunds!!!

For Entertainment Purposes Only

General Psychic Reading


This psychic reading session is about the basics. It goes over what is currently happening in your life, such as, love, health, and/or finances. This reading has nothing at all to do with the spirit world. If you want to ask about spirits who have passed, see "General & Spirit Reading" or "Channeling Session" For more information please click the button below.

General Psychic Reading

For your general reading Shirlet will do her own reading for you first, then go over your questions. Shirlet will tell you everything that she sees, and will not to hold anything back. If you are looking for a more detailed reading about you and your life journey the reading you may want is the Self-knowledge Reading. Or Aura Reading.

A general reading session can give you the answers you need to know about love, money, family, and changing your life for the better right now. This is a great session for clients who have general questions about their lives, or who are seeking more opened pathways for this life's journey.

For groups a general reading session is $100.00 per person. If you feel you need more than an hour with Shirlet the cost is $200.00 for a two hours general reading.

No Refunds!!!

For Entertainment Purposes Only

Phone Psychic Reading


This psychic reading session is a half hour reading over the phone. This session is a simple reading to see what is comming up in your future, or if you have any questions you wish to find answers for. Full hour sessions are also availble for $200. For more information please click the button below.

Phone Psychic Reading

Shirlet offers this service because she knows not everyone can make it into her office. A phone reading is a good session to see what is ahead in your life's journey, and get some answers that you need.

A half hour phone session cost $100.00 and a hour phone session cost $200.00. Shirlet only accepts post office money orders or personal checks as payment. All payments must be arranged and cleared by the day of your phone session with Shirlet. You must call the office to set up a phone reading appointment. We do not set up phone sessions with emails

No Refunds!!!

For Entertainment Purposes Only

MetroCasting - Meet Shirlet

Shirlet gets interviewed about her amazing psychic abilities.

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Books Written with Shirlet

Shirlet is the Oracle featured in the book series by Bud Megargee. She is his bridge between this physical world we live in, and the otherworldly planes of higher vibration. Through this "bridge" Shirlet channels Bud's Soul Guides, higher vibrational beings who guide Bud on the path of spirituality. This book series is a collection of the teachings from Bud's Soul Guides, and Shirlet's teachings of which she learned from many spirits and other higher vibrational beings. You too can take this journey into the world of spiritual development, starting with Dirt, TRUTH, Music, and Bungee Cords

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Over our lifetime there are many items that touch us; ideas that awaken us; and private matters that provide caution. Where do these insights come from? How do they flow into our consciousness? Is it possible that these imprints have been buried deep within us forever altering the course of our lives?"Soul IMprints - The Legacy of Existence" is an unconventional memoir sketching how the imprinting of human energy is jampacked with fear, shame, and other emotional misdemeanors- many of which we inflict upon ourselves. By becoming alert to how human energy leaves its mark, it is possible to begin to experience the unexpected moments of passionate exuberance that frees the secrets hidden within the unopened envelopes of life.

Over our lifetime there are many items that touch us; ideas that awaken us; and private matters that provide caution. Where do these insights come from? How do they flow into what we understand to be our consciousness? Is it possible that these imprints have been buried deep within us, forever altering the course of our lives? Soul Mechanics - Unlocking the Human Warrior is the result of a six-year journey that explores the nonphysical perception of life in an attempt to answer these questions. In doing so, uncommon doors are opened to the complexity of our human energy - the unobservable soul. Following the tributaries of traditional science, Buddhist monastery teachings, and otherworldly guiding dialogues, Soul Mechanics confronts the most basic of all uncertainties - "Do I have a soul energy? What is the purpose of my connection to it? And what becomes of that energy when I pass? Searching for fundamental answers to the purpose of existence, our energy makeup acknowledges that personal introspection and reflection are mysteriously connected to all past, present, and future happenings. These actions play out in the eventual understanding of how the human experience possesses a learning for every facet of our being and the energy of each living thing that we encounter.

With an insight that is balanced between Buddhist teachings and Socratic dialogues from the "other side", Soul Sins and Regrettable Lies cuts through traditional religious and cultural rhetoric to get to the heart of how and why we wound others, ourselves and our world. More importantly, it reminds us that we are not hapless drones released here by some cosmic accident, but powerful alchemist practitioners of energy and creators of our own reality.

The unique and captivating six year journey of author Bud Megargee starts early one morning when he is confronted by a wavy window that makes him think that perhaps he is not seeing things clearly. In seeking his solutions, this trained clinician and senior healthcare executive drifts into the unconventional waters of Eastern philosophy and alternative medicine. There he encounters a group of Taiwanese monks, a psychic oracle and a number of soul guides who shake the very foundation of his belief system. In Dirt, TRUTH, Music and Bungee Cords the dialogue between Megargee and two specific soul guide personalities uncover the meaning of his human existence by interjecting anecdotal stories and numerous tasks that need to be completed in order to set in motion his authentic soul learning. These brutally honest and introspective discussions illuminate the direct learning relationships that we all have with souls who may have accompanied us through multiple lives -- all we need to do is listen.